World Water Day 2023

Praher Plastics Austria GmbH is committed to efficient water management not only on World Water Day.

Water is the lifeblood of our planet and at Praher Plastics Austria GmbH we are aware of our responsibility to ensure that water is accessible to all and is treated sustainably. From pool and water treatment plants to first-class water pipes, water flows through our veins.

On the occasion of World Water Day, we would like to highlight our high-quality products for water management:

The V6 valves have a tested and particularly high tightness. Therefore, no water is lost and water can be saved.

Our 3-way ball valves are used for water treatment, with the help of our ball valves, existing water is refined into drinking water.

Our latest patented innovation, the T7 diaphragm valve, sets new standards in functionality and usability. The integrated torque limiter significantly extends the life of the diaphragm and reduces maintenance work on water piping systems.

You dont have a pool and think you haven’t had any contact with our products?
Wrong thought:
our Aquastar with V6 multi-way valve can also be found in filter systems of car washes.
In filter systems of car wash plants, the dirty water is collected in a container. Our Aquastar ensures that the water is recycled and only a small amount of fresh water is needed for the next wash.

also pay attention to the sustainable use of water in the production of our products. At the production site in Schwertberg, the machinery is cooled with water that is constantly being treated.

We are proud to contribute to the sustainable use of water and to offer our customers the best water management solutions. At Praher Plastics Austria, water does not just flow through our veins. It is our aim that it will continue to be available in sufficient quantity and quality for everyone in the future.

Any questions? Please contact us!

We have a good deal to offer: from the production of high-quality valves, pipes and fittings for our own product range to the design and implementation of unique custom solutions for our customers that literally leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Quality is our mission.

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