Praher 6-way Backwash Valve AQUASTAR® mp6 plc

  • Valve body in ABS (MOP 3.5) or ASA-GF (MOP 5)
  • Multi-voltage actuator 24V AC/DC, 100-240 VAC or SPS 24V DC
  • Protection class IP65
  • UV resistant
  • Manual override
  • 6 Positions – position ‘circulate’ for salt water chlorination
  • Easy adaptation to all commonly used filters by means of a 1 ½” or 2″ side- or top mount or 3″ side mount

Pressure rates


Drawing Praher Aquastar mp6 plc

1 1/2" Side Mount99,59029,54861,5163,53043987,511717512516514018,5X
1 1/2" Top MountXX31,54759,516030042,59011718012516514018,562,5
2" Side Mount1101143860812103483611411722812516514026X
3" Side Mount1701655085,51103064455016511711733012516535X

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