T7 diaphragm valve with torque limiting

Even More Safety! Even Greater Performance!

This revolutionary diaphragm valve sets new standards. Our engineers have succeeded in combining a wealth of highly innovative functions into the T7. That
increase not just operating convenience, but above all performance and safety.

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What is a diaphragm valve?

Fluids can be controlled with diaphragm valves. Valves based on the membrane principle prevent deposits, that’s why they are also referred to as the least dead space operating principle.

T7 diaphragm valve from Praher Plastics

Among the many other benefits of the T7 from Praher Plastics is the impossibility of overturning the T7, when closing it. Furthermore, the valve can not stick, when fully opened for longer periods. The ergonomically shaped non-slip handwheel allows easy operation with one hand, and the new body shape ensures that water and other fluids drain off completely.

Nine convincing arguments for our T7

Patented Engineering – Convincing Performance!

Torque limiter,

prevents overturning of the handwheel and protects the diaphragm.

Limit Stop,

prevents the valve against sticking, when it is open for a longer period.

Increase of Nominal Pressure to PN 12,5 ,

for more safety within the limit ranges.

Ergonomic handwheel,

non-slip for simple and safe operation with one hand.

Special body geometry,

so that fluids drain completely off the outer surface.


that does not obstruct the user when opening and closing the valve.

Visual position indicator,

for reliable information on valve opening position.

Clear markings,

for correct installation of the valve.

Externally visible information,

for identification of installed components without dismantling the valve.

The right material for every application

The T7 Valves are available in three different materials:

PVC Model
Polyvinyl chloride has been proven to be physiologically harmless and is therefore particularly suited for direct contact with drinking water and food.

PP Model
Polypropylene, with its good mechanical properties and great dimensional stability under heat, is suitable for industrial applications.

PVDF Model
Polyvinylidene fluoride possesses outstanding chemical, thermal and mechanical stability, making it the ideal solution for extremely demanding applications.

A selection of two different diaphragms is also available:

PTFE Diaphragm
Valve diaphragms coated with polytetrafluorethylene (also known as Teflon) are characterised by strong resistance to a huge range of chemicals.

EPDM Diaphragm
Valve diaphragms made of ethylene propylene diene nonomer rubber possess great chemical and thermal resilience and are therefore particularly well suited for pipes used to transport hot media or aggressive chemicals.

Which end connections are available for the T7?

– Fixed Flange in PVC-U
– Fix Flange in PP-H or PVDF
– Threaded Socket in PVC-U
– Socket in PVC-U
– Spigot in PVC-U
– Spigot-long in PE
– Fusion Socket in PE, PP-H or PVDF
– Fusion Spigot in PE, PP-H or PVDF

What accessories and spare parts are available for the T7?

For the accessories and spare parts for the T7 you can choose between a handwheel with or without torque limitation. The upper part and the membrane are available as spare parts. For the connections for the screw type you can choose between all inserts of the IBG range and the diaphragm valve spare parts. The PLS (Praher Labeling System) is available in four colours for the T7 diaphragm valve. Mounting plates as mounting aids and/or for height compensation are available as accessories.

T7 diaphragm valve

Product video of our T7 diaphragm valve:

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