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K4 butterfly valves series

Praher Plastics K4 Butterfly Valves

We would like to introduce our K4 butterfly valve with hand lever and – NEW – position feedback to you:


  • DN65 and DN80 – as of now
  • DN100 and DN125 – end of June 2017
  • DN150 and DN200 – end of July 2017


Our latest development integrates an electrical feedback directly into the quality hand lever of the K4 butterfly valve. All our hand-operated versions benefit from this advantage, resulting in increased operational safety and optimized production.

The components for the electrical position feedback are assembled in a very compact way in the hand lever of the K4 butterfly valve. Two integrated limit switches with protection class IP 67 report the positions open or closed. Five different types of limit switches, either mechanical or inductive, are available appropriate to the application, like e.g. Ex-zones.
Besides all general advantages of a position feedback, our solution with the integration of the function directly into the hand lever, allows a simple and cost-effective upgrade for existing hand lever versions of the K4 butterfly valve.

Also our latest hand wheel version of the K4 offers the option of an electrical feedback and will be available end of July 2017.

For further information or detailed inquiry, please get in contact with our sales team or send an email to sales@praherplastics.com or use our online inquiry form.

Any questions? Please contact us!

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