Employee Spotlight

Today we would like to introduce you to our valued employee Martin, who has been an important part of our team since 31 August 2009. We spoke to him about his remarkable career and his passion for continuous learning.

Diversity in training:
Martin began his journey at Praher Plastics as a mechanical engineering technician and expanded his expertise with apprenticeships as an electrical operations technician and refrigeration technician. “All good things come in threes,” he says.

Motivation to learn:
“I’m interested in technical systems and I’m always motivated to expand my knowledge,” says Martin about his tireless motivation to learn new things.

Passing on knowledge:
In addition to his own learning journey, Martin is also passionate about passing on his knowledge to young employees in the company. “It’s important to encourage and inspire the next generation,” he emphasises.

Influence on collaboration:
The diversity of his training has not only influenced his professional development but has also strengthened teamwork. “Through my further training, I complement our team on technical issues in the field of refrigeration technology.”

Support from Praher Plastics:
Praher Plastics Austria GmbH not only supports its employees financially with its courses, but also provides the necessary freedom for further education and training.

Plans for the future:
His next goal? The master craftsman’s examination for refrigeration technology this year! “I plan my training carefully and take enough time for it,” Martin reveals.

Advice to others:
“Plan your training and take enough time for it,” is his advice to anyone who wants to complete several training programmes too.

Praher Plastics in three words:
Martin describes Praher Plastics as “Interesting, Adaptable, Familiar” – values that characterise our corporate culture.

We are proud to have dedicated employees like Martin on our team who enrich our team through their passion and pursuit of excellence!

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