A Passion for plastics – We celebrate 50 years of Praher.

Praher owes its success first and foremost to all those employees who, since 1971, have devoted their talents and their energy to our work with plastics. Today, we provide over 300 attractive jobs with long-term prospects, outstanding professional training schemes and a wealth of staff development opportunities at half a dozen sites. This is a direct result of our employees’ commitment.

Unlike Praher’s early years, our products are now used in a wide range of applications. What has not changed is that our work on and with plastics and our comprehensive customer service remain the cornerstones of our activities and forge a link to our past. Constantly evolving and embracing changing social, technological and economic trends enables us to stay true to ourselves: always focusing on innovation and improvement, meeting the highest standards, dependable, honest and fair.

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we have reviewed our company history. In the jubilee book, we review those chapters of our company history that we have written together.

1. Origins, Foundation
and First Years

Kapitel 1 Firmengeschichte

The story of Praher begins, entirely appropriately, as a start-up in Ludwig Praher’s garage. When he founds the company in a garage in 1971 it is already clear to him that he will have to add business acumen to his skills as an artisan.

2. Original Products
and Internationalisation

Kapitel 2 Firmengeschichte

Ludwig Praher founds Praher Canada Products Ltd. in Toronto on 27 May 1986. Mr and Mrs Praher in front of the building in Barrie that from 1997 was the new home of Praher Canada Products Ltd.

3. A New Generation,
New Structures and a Flood

Kapitel 3 Firmengeschichte

While it is being processed, plastic is a fluid material. Similarly, Praher has often shown a flair for fluid transitions. Such as the handover to the second generation.

4. Recession, Recovery and Praher Plastics

Kapitel 4 Firmengeschichte

When it comes to plastics, Praher shows self-assurance: in 2015, Praher Kunststofftechnik and Praher Valves become Praher Plastics.

5. Praher Group: Stepping Stones to Success

Kapitel 5 Firmengeschichte

Behind the success of the Praher Group there is determination, employees with outstanding training and constant investment in high-quality, long-life products.

Anniversary Book - Jubiläumsbuch

The anniversary book carries Praher’s signature in several respects. The title page was realised together with the company’s employees. The necessary tool was developed and built in-house with the help of apprentices, and the blue-colored area of the book cover was injection-moulded in the company’s own production facilities.

If we dare to look ahead, the best we can say is that the future is unwritten.

In other words, nothing is certain and there are no guarantees. But what we do have at Praher are optimism and an eagerness to embrace the future. Our positive outlook comes firstly from the solid foundations that we have established over the past 50 years; secondly, from the expertise, experience and dedication of both management and employees; thirdly, from the courage and willingness to adopt new ideas that has been a hallmark of Praher since 1971; and, last but not least, from the third generation of the founder’s family who are already enthusiastically focused on the company.

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We have a good deal to offer: from the production of high-quality valves, pipes and fittings for our own product range to the design and implementation of unique custom solutions for our customers that literally leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Quality is our mission.

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