Children’s holiday programme – from granulates to valves

Yesterday was the day!

Ten children aged 7 to 11 were invited to spend a whole morning with us as part of the children’s holiday programme 2018 of the community of Schwertberg. In our training room, our departments were set up as stations. One child took over the personnel management and assigned the other typical jobs for our company: Development technician, test technician, toolmaker, plastics technician, logistician, truck driver, sales representative and office staff, management assistance and, of course, there was also a CEO.

In the different stations the children have worked out their own departments with pedagogical guidance and learned what their task is there and how the individual departments work together. They have gone through the entire production process of a laboratory ball valve – from the granulate grain to the final product and the delivery to the customer.

Of course we also prepared a small snack and a gift bag with a cap and an individually lasered laboratory ball valve as a souvenir. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thank you very much for your lively interest!

Any questions? Please contact us!

We have a good deal to offer: from the production of high-quality valves, pipes and fittings for our own product range to the design and implementation of unique custom solutions for our customers that literally leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Quality is our mission.

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