Praher Diaphragm Valve T4 PP Pneumatic Actuator

  • Plastic actuator body
  • Visual position indication
  • Insert/outlet stainless steel
  • NAMUR adaptor for solenoid valve (with adaptation for K122 and K123)
  • PO-NC (single acting: fail safe close), PO-NO (single acting: fail safe open), PO-DA (double acting)


  • Electrical position indication
  • Solenoid valve with combined 5/2 and 3/2 ways function
  • Compact Positioner 4–20mA/0–10V
Seal materials

, ,


Pressure rates


, , ,


, , ,


DNdFKLt (solvent spigot)M (PVC)M (PP/PVDF)BHX 
152025M6124161716,563(K52), 80 (K62)126,5 (K52), 148 (K62)44 (K52), 52 (K62)
202525M6144191716,580 (K62), 100 (K82)148 (K62), 265,5 (K82)52 (K62), 60,5 (K82)
253225M6154222120100 (K82)265,5 (K82)60,5 (K82)
324045M8174263325,5160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
405045M8194313332160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
506345M82243840,538,5160 (K123)282,5 (K123)87 (K123)


DNdG (threaded socket)FKt (solvent socket)t (fusion socket PE)ADMZZ (fusion socket)t (fusion socket)ADMZBHX
50632"45M8382918410340,51902092918410938,5190160 (K123)282,5 (K123)87 (K123)
15201/2"25M61616904317969516904716,59663 (K52), 80 (K62)126,5 (K52), 148 (K62)44 (K62), 52 (K62)
20253/4"25M61917,51085317114116181085716,511480 (K62), 100 (K82)148 (K62), 265,5 (K82)52 (K62), 60,5 (K82)
25321"25M62219,51166021122126201166420122100 (K82)265,5 (K82)60,5 (K82)
32401 1/4"45M82622136743314214822*1367825,5142*160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
40501 1/2"45M83125154833316017324,51548932161160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
*Ecxeption to PP: t FS3 = 37mm; Z = 170mm


DNdFKE (PVC, backing flange)E (PVC, fix flange)M (PVC)L(PVC, backing flange, fix flange)E (PP/PVDF, backing flange, DIN)E (PP/PVDF, backing flange, ANSI)M (PP/PVDF)L (PP/PVDF, backing flange)L (PP, fix flange)BHX 
152025M695971713095959516,513013063 (K52), 80 (K62)126,5 (K52), 148 (K62)44 (K52), 52 (K62)
202525M61051051715010810210516,515015080 (K62), 100 (K82)148 (K62), 265,5 (K82)52 (K62), 60,5 (K82)
253225M61151252116011511411520160160100 (K82)265,5 (K82)60,5 (K82)
324045M814014033180140130-25,5180-160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
405045M815015033200151133-32200-160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
506345M816516540,5230165162-38,5230-160 (K123)282,5 (K123)87 (K123)


324045M833140180160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
405045M833150200160 (K122)278 (K122)87 (K122)
506345M840,5165230160 (K123)282,5 (K123)87 (K123)

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