Silicone-free Industrial Valves


As of September 2017 we only use silicone-free grease for the assembly of our following industrial valves series:

  • M1 ball valve
  • S4 ball valve, sampling valve, cone check valve, foot valve, line strainer and aerating valve
  • K4 wafer check valve
  • K6 wafer check valve
  • T4 diaphragm valve


The new type of grease used is a highly adhesive, light-coloured lubricating grease offering very good performance and high functionality combined with a long service life.

Through constant application of the grease, the friction as well as the abrasion of our static and dynamic sealing elements on high load changes is considerably reduced, and at the same time increases the lifetime of the complete valve. Furthermore, the handling during assembly and dismantling is remarkably smoother.

This silicone-free grease is also suitable for drinking water applications!

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