Praher Flow Meter M123, M335 and M350 PP

  • Measuring tube: PA, PSU or PVC
  • Floats: PVDF
  • Measuring range: 1,5–60.000 l/h
  • Inserts with damping feature for float in case of water hammer
  • PVDF coated stainless steel guide rod for the dimensions DN50 and DN65 to stabilize the float
  • Double scale for water in percent and l/h
  • Special adhesive scales for liquids and gas


  • Limit switch for max (Z42) and min (Z40)
  • Measuring sensor (Z60)
Seal materials



DNZoll/Imperialdl/h*Messrohr/Measuring tube 
103/8"161,5-15PSU PVC-
103/8"162,5-25PSU PVC-
103/8"165-50PSU PVC-
103/8"1610-100PSU PVC-
151/2"208-80PSU PVC-
151/2"2015-150PSU PVC-
151/2"2020-200PSU PVC-
251"3215-150PSU PVC-
251"3230-300PSU PVC-
251"3250-500PSU PVCPA PSU PVC
251"32100-1.000PSU PVCPA PSU PVC
321 1/4"40150-1.500-PA PSU PVC
321 1/4"40250-2.500-PA PSU PVC
401 1/2"50200-2.000-PA PSU PVC
401 1/2"50300-3.000-PA PSU PVC
401 1/2"50600-6.000-PA PSU PVC
502"63600-6.000-PA PSU PVC
502"631.200-12.000-PA PSU PVC
502"631.500-15.000-PA PSU PVC
652 1/2"752.000-20.000-PA PSU PVC
652 1/2"753.000-30.000-PA PSU PVC
652 1/2"758.000-60.000-PA PSU PVC

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