Modular Ball Valve Series M1

If you are searching an isolation valve made of plastics, then you are right here! With its standard safety handle, our M1 ball valve offers the advantage of a modular design. This means safety for your application and economic storage!


This summer, Praher Plastics held webinars on five Tuesdays according to the motto “TUESDAY IS VALVE-DAY. Request now the recording from July 14, 2020 on the topic “M1 Industrial Ball Valve – Important facts you should know about the M1 ball valve”. If you would like to get more information about the complete series visit our landingpage

What is a ball valve?

ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to control flow through it. It is open when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and closed when it is pivoted 90-degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies flat in alignment with the flow when open, and is perpendicular to it when closed, making for easy visual confirmation of the valve’s status. (see Wikipedia)

What is the M1?

The M1 is a ball valve made of plastics from Praher Plastics Austria GmbH. M stands for modular. The 1 stands for the first series.

How do you recognize the ball valve M1 from Praher Plastics?

You will recognize a manual valve from Praher Plastics with its red handle and yellow locking sleeve. And moreover the M1 from Praher Plastics can always be torn in position closed even when it is locked!

What is the modular feature of the M1?

Thanks to the in the body integrated fixations for bracket mounting, the adapter set can be installed directly on the valve and enables the simple mounting of a position feedback or an electric or pneumatic actuator on the adapter set with a standardised flange pattern according to EN ISO 5211 – F04, F05 or F07.

In which materials is the M1 available?

The M1 is available in the following plastic materials:

PVDF – polyvinylidene fluoride

PP – polypropylene

PVC-U – unplasticised polyvinylchlorid

Which seals are available for the M1?

The ball seating joints are always realised in PTFE. Depending on the application, you can combine them with O-rings out of EPDM or FPM.

Which versions of the M1 are available?

The M1 is available in a manual version, with position feedback, with adapter set for customised automation, or with electric or pneumatic actuator.

Which end connections are available for the M1?

Fix flange in PVC-U, threaded socket in PVC-U, PP-H or PVDF, solvent socket in PVC-U, solvent spigot in PVC-U, backing flange in PVC-U or PP-glass fibre reinforced with steelt insert, fusion socket in PP-H, PVDF or PE-HD, fusion spigot in PP-H, PVDF or PE-HD.


Which actuators are available for the M1?

The M1 ball valve is available with an electric standard actuator from 0° to 90° or an actuator with positioner (4-20 mA) or failsafe function or with a pneumatic standard actuator which can be extended with solenoid valve and/or position feedback. The advantage is that the automated valve will leave our premises tested with automation!


Can the M1 be automated?

A set of adapters allows the easy automation of a manually operated M1 with electric or pneumatic actuators.
Even the manually operated M1 can be automated with the adapter set and an additional half-shell set with integrated position indicators.
Modularity for every application is also guaranteed with our adapter set and therefore available in two materials:

  • PP-GFR … for applications with high chemical concentrations
  • PA-GFR … high strength and long life in water applications

Is an exact flow rate adjustable?

Our ball valve is now available with flow adjust, a anti-twist positioning of ball in flow.
This allows repeatable and accurate adjustment of the flow rate by 5° grid and scaling.


Which accessories are available for the M1?

As accessories available are a handle elongation, then clamping elements for the installation with socket or spigot endings or used as spacing elements for the installation with flange endings and marking plates for the handle in different colors (blue, red, green – standard yellow, individual colors on demand). Furthermore there is the M1 nut lock for additional protection against high vibrations in pipelines.

NEW: The M1 dome cover. Besides the optical component, it enables individual marking of your fittings.


Is the M1 also available metal-free?

For appliactions in high corrosive environments the M1 ball valve as well as the M1 ball valve with adapter set are available with glass fibre reinforced plastic screws.

Kugelhahnserie M1

Product video of our M1 ball valve series

How is the position feedback installed on the M1 ball valve?

The short film explains how the position feedback is installed on the M1 ball valve.

How is the pneumatic actuator installed on the M1 ball valve?

The short film explains how the pneumatic actuator is installed on the M1 ball valve.

How is the electric actuator installed on the M1 ball valve?

The short film explains how the electric actuator is installed on the M1 ball valve.

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